Property Loss/Damage

In addition to premise liability claims, M. Andrew Brison also represents a variety of residential and commercial clients in claims ranging from fire and water damage, to loss of use of property, loss of value of property, and failure to disclose defects claims. His practice is not limited to the defense of fraud and arson claims and conducting examinations under oath. He also has the experience and the knowledge to assist claims professionals in all aspects of first-party property losses.

He provides defense for loss of use claims involving:

  • Water Damage;
  • Fire Damage;
  • Construction damage, including improper underpinning;
  • Pest Infestation;
  • Mold Conditions; and
  • Defective conditions.

M. Andrew Brison is ready to provide analysis and guidance under the West Virginia Rules Evidence Rule and the Rules of Civil Procedure, as well as assist claims professionals in arriving at fair claims figures in each and every loss.