Municipal Liability

Everyday our lives are in contact with the governmental agencies around us. It is inevitable that a municipality or political subdivision will be sued as a result of a myriad of reasons. M. Andrew Brison has significant experience in defending these agencies against claims involving excessive force, false arrest, sexual assault, school bullying, student fights, slip and falls, first responder negligence, and accidents stemming from use of various means of transportation. Moreover, having served as a Municipal Judge for over 18 years, Mr. Brison is uniquely qualified to represent municipalities.

Lawsuits filed against municipalities or political subdivisions are subject to special rules that apply to litigation. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with these rules is required to properly defend against the allegations. Further, municipalities and political subdivisions may be qualifiedly immune or statutorily immune from liability.

M. Andrew Brison is proficient in efficiently and economically protecting government employees, their supervisors, and employing agencies from various theories of liability. He has a proven track record of successfully defending his government agency clients.