Motor Vehicle Accidents

The foundation of M. Andrew Brison’s practice is the defense of motor vehicle accidents. He defends insured drivers, owners of personal and commercial vehicles, and construction companies. Having served as lead trial attorney for a Fortune 200 Insurance Company, Mr. Brison is thoroughly knowledgeable in all issues which may be raised in a motor vehicle case and explores every possible defense on behalf of his clients. He maintains relationships with leading experts in accident reconstruction and biomechanics to assist in the defense of a case when necessary. Mr. Brison possesses the know-how to properly navigate federal and state law and has been successful in disposing of many cases though summary judgment.

The cases he handles often involve primary and excess policies in multi-vehicle and multiple-defendant accidents. Mr. Brison has significant experience handling matters involving catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, and fatalities. When liability is inevitable, he, after consultation with his client and their insurance company, formulates a medical defense to a motor vehicle accident in the early stages of litigation utilizing medical film reviews and qualified expert testimony.

M. Andrew Brison is well equipped to handle all aspects of motor vehicle accidents, including negotiations, settlements, trials, and appeals.