Liability and Insurance Defense

M. Andrew Brison understands the needs of insurers and self-insured companies for economical and efficient legal services. Experience has taught that by aggressively defending litigation from the first day of suit assignment, a successful resolution of the case will occur sooner and be more cost effective. However, he does not advocate taking depositions just for the sake of taking depositions. He does not recommend hiring experts just because the other side has an expert. Objections and motions are not filed just because he can, but only when there is some benefit to the client. Based upon his experience, Mr. Brison looks at each case, consults with clients and their insurance adjuster, and then tailors his efforts towards actions that will efficiently achieve the best possible result.

He seeks creative and novel approaches to effective litigation, negotiation, and resolution of liability defense cases. Mr. Brison represents self-insured companies, primary insurers, excess insurers, and reinsurers.  As part of his practice, he interprets insurance policies, drafts and files responses to lawsuits on behalf of clients, locates expert witnesses, prepares oral and written discovery, negotiates settlements, and brings cases to trial when necessary. He has earned a reputation for hard work and outstanding results in all aspects of his liability defense practice.

M. Andrew Brison defends individuals, insurers, and self-insureds in the following types of cases, as well as many other liability claims:

  • Premises liability matters;
  • Dram shop claims;
  • Motor vehicle negligence;
  • Property damage;
  • Commercial casualty losses from fires, storms and other events;
  • Deliberate intent claims;
  • Pharmacy negligence claims.