mandrew--about1M. Andrew Brison was born and raised in West Virginia by two hard working blue collar workers. He credits his work ethic and success to the lessons he learned from his middle class family, dedicated teachers, coaches, and neighbors. He is also blessed with strong support from his wife of 23 years and daughter at home and throughout his career.

After graduating from high school in 1981, he attended Marshall University graduating in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice in 1987. While at Marshall University, M. Andrew Brison distinguished himself by successfully winning a write-in campaign for student body president and by successfully serving higher education students of West Virginia in a lawsuit brought against Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr., who had illegally seized the interest earned on student fees. The West Virginia Supreme Court agreed with Brison and his fellow student plaintiffs, finding that the interest earned on student fees belong to the principal that generated the interest monies.

Mr. Brison graduated from West Virginia University College of Law in 1990, and was President of the Marlyn E. Lugar Trial Association. He was also selected by the faculty to receive the Order of the Barristers for Excellence in Trial Advocacy.

After graduation, he began his legal career as an Assistant Prosecutor in Cabell County, West Virginia. After leaving the Prosecutor’s Office, he shifted his focus to civil litigation, which became his true calling and passion. The emphasis of his practice for the last two decades has been the defense of individuals, businesses, state agencies, and insurance companies that have been sued. He has served as the lead trial attorney for a Fortune 200 Insurance Company and has been retained as an expert witness by the largest insurance company in the United States.

Mr. Brison’s attraction to civil litigation can be traced to his fascination with literary and cinematic “whodunits.” Much like reading a mystery book, each new case requires the discovery of “who,” “what, ““when,” “why,” and “how.” Then, in keeping with the tradition of great mystery writers, Mr. Brison adeptly and skillfully pieces the puzzle together in front of a jury, exposing all of the facts, so that a fair resolution of the case can be attained.

During the course of defending his client, Mr. Brison is the client’s closest advocate and develops a close-knit working relationship with his client. Clients are encouraged to call with questions and seek explanations regarding complex and foreign legal concepts; as well as any other question they may have about their case.

More importantly, his clients will attest to his skill and commitment to their case:

“Mr. Brison defended me at trial, in which my personal assets were at stake. His handling of my case was excellent and the jury delivered a verdict in my favor. I can’t say enough about how happy I was with his litigation skills. I strongly recommend him for any litigation need.” Client in motor vehicle accident.

“Andy, I wanted to take this opportunity to commend you on a great job. It is always nice to have an attorney work towards getting a matter dismissed without incurring pointless legal cost.” Claims professional.

“For our company, we need a lawyer that understands both our company philosophy and the legal environment. Mr. Brison not only understands this, but provides great customer service with a personal touch.” Claims manager.

west virginia personal injury attorneyMr. Brison is also well versed in the appellate process as well. Appellate representation requires a unique frame of mind. It requires training in order to advance a case from trial court to a higher court of appeal. Mr. Brison enjoys a reputation for excellence in representing clients in complex appellate arguments and disputes He has been responsible for perfecting appeals which help shape the law through precedent setting decisions before the West Virginia Supreme Court in the area of: supervisory liability, governmental immunities, scope of employment issues and municipal/political subdivision law.

In addition to representing clients in civil litigation, M. Andrew Brison served as a municipal judge for over a decade and a half. Sitting as a municipal judge provided numerous learning opportunities and served as a constant reminder of the struggles that middle class families face. That is why, when available, he would seek alternative sentencing solutions, while remaining fair and just. He understood that when families struggle to make ends meet, the last thing they needed to face was paying a hefty fine, loss of their driving privileges, or a jail commitment.

Mr. Brison is a sought after speaker given his knowledge and experience. He has spoken at various legal education seminars on topics including: The Tripartite Relationship in West Virginia; Property Damages in West Virginia; Adjusting the Automobile Injury Claim in West Virginia; and, The Personal Injury Paralegal in West Virginia. He has also taught Corrections and the Law, Criminal Procedure, and the Rules of Evidence at Marshall University, his alma mater.

In 2013, 2014, and 2015, Mr. Brison was asked to address the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority’s Leadership Conference, inclusive of its Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, and Chief of Operations, facility Administrators (wardens), Chief Correctional Officers, Captains, and Lieutenants. During those presentations, he spoke about the Prison Rape Elimination Act, Spoliation of Evidence, Record Retention, and Risk Avoidance. The suggestions he has made to the Authority, through the years, have resulted in positive adjustments that have impacted how the Authority addresses claims, incidents, and litigation.

M. Andrew Brison’s legal knowledge and experience are extensive with proven results for his clients. Put experience, winning attitude, dedication, and client advocacy to work for you. Contact M. Andrew Brison for a case assessment or to discuss your litigation needs.