profileWith over 25 years of litigation experience ranging from Judge, prosecutor, and trial counsel for a Fortune 200 insurance company, M. Andrew Brison’s skills and abilities are primarily focused on defending clients who have been sued in Federal and State courts throughout West Virginia. While M. Andrew Brison provides litigation and appellate representation to a broad range of clients, his unique background is sought by State agencies, municipalities, and political subdivisions who have been sued for violations of civil rights, which include excessive force, false imprisonment, false arrest, deliberate indifference, conditions of confinement, failure to act, cross-gender supervision, and other Federal and State constitutional and statutory claims.

Additionally, having served as in-house trial counsel for a Fortune 200 insurance company, M. Andrew Brison continues to be retained by insurance companies to defend individuals and businesses who have been sued for numerous reasons such as: motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents, property disputes, negligent construction claims, deliberate intent claims, wrongful discharge claims, and wrongful death claims.

M. Andrew Brison has the knowledge - and scars - that come from being on the front line, making tough calls, and overcoming challenges. Put his experience to work for you. Contact M. Andrew Brison for a case assessment or to discuss your litigation needs.